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God's Healing Word Ministry


A Christian Ministry Devoted
to Physical Healing in Christ!

God tells us that He is our Healer: Not once long ago, but eternally.
He heals using both natural and a higher spiritual law.
  So the
question i
s...Why do so many churches lack faith that God actively 
heals the sick today?  Our mission is to restore faith in God as our
Healer; to put the blessed, ministry of healing back into the Church.

God's perfect will is not that you be healed,
but rather that you never get sick! 

Essential Oils and Healing
From a Christian Perspective

A study from God's Word that reveals a divine pattern for healing today.

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essential oils and healing from a christian perspectiveHow did Jesus heal exactly? What did He specifically teach His disciples about healing? Is there anything we can learn from Scripture about healing the sick that we can apply today? In other words, is there a divine healing model recorded in the Bible we can use today. The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

You are welcome to download and read this ebook absolutely free of charge. The text is one chapter from the ebook, "The Miracle Of Healing In Your Church Today," written by, Jim Lynn.

Many Christians associate essential oils with new age religion, and therefore shun their use.  This photo illustrated, special study proves beyond a shadow of doubt that essential oils are blessed of God for our healing, and reveals a divine pattern for healing we can use today.


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The Gospel of Jesus Christ No One Told You

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 The Miracle of Healing In Your Church Today
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